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Buck Excavation: A family business

Recognized since 2004

Buck Excavation is a family business specializing in residential and commercial excavation work with extensive expertise in piping, drainage, septic tanks, waterproofing foundations, camera inspection, and even earthwork. Our goal is to provide the best service possible and the highest quality at competitive prices. Please ask us for a quote or advice targeted to your needs.

Our qualified staff can perform the most complex projects, regardless of the challenge. We are excellent at what we do.

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Camera Inspection

Camera Inspection

Consult us for an expertise investigation by camera. We use a state-of-the-art camera to view, analyze and resolve problems efficiently and without risk of damaging nearby pipes. The camera registers the distance and location of obstructions and can pinpoint the places that need repair. Once the work is done, we will give you a full report available in DVD, USB or some other medium.

The camera can detect the following obstructions:

  • + Tree roots
  • + Broken slabs
  • + Inline traps
  • + Negative grade sloping
  • + Pipe sagging
  • + Pipe cracks
  • + Buildups of sludge or grease

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Entrust your foundation repairs to us as soon as you notice a crack or a leak. Our specialists know exactly where to excavate to fix a French drain and install a membrane that will improve the watertightness of your foundation. This service is intended to prevent water damage. Once we complete the work, we take great care to restore the site to its original state. You'll barely notice us.

  • + Turnkey projects
  • + French drain
  • + Sewers
  • + Aqueduct
  • + Watertightness membrane
  • + Cracks
  • + Restoring the site to its initial state
  • + Insurance record expertise investigation by camera
  • + Radar system (piping or wiring)

General Excavation

General Excavation

In order to provide the most comprehensive service possible, we take care of every step of your excavation project and save you the hassle of dealing with multiple sub-contractors, which will improve the management of your project.

  • + Parking
  • + Culverts
  • + Building
  • + Retaining walls
  • + Stone walls
  • + Fills
  • + Landscaping and earthworking
  • + Land grading
  • + Expertise investigation by camera
  • + Sewers
  • + Aqueduct

Sewers and Aqueducts

Sewers and Aqueducts

Our experts are available to install new pipes or to repair sewers and aqueducts. In case of a leak or a blocked sewer, our team can excavate at the exact location and fix the problem in the blink of an eye. Contact us no matter your project; our work is carried out according to professional standards and practices.

  • + French drain
  • + Septic tanks
  • + Aqueduct (pipe pullback)
  • + Sanitary sewer
  • + Storm sewer
  • + Underground retention pond
  • + Expertise investigation by camera



Buck Excavation is equipped to perform any demolition work. We work with the utmost care to ensure that your property is spotless when we leave. Call us, your property will look just the same when we leave.

  • + Concrete slabs
  • + Buildings
  • + Total Loss



Buck excavation can assist you with forest management projects for your private land or estate. Our experts perform quality work that complies with high standards. Also, our turnkey service will give you peace of mind.

  • + Culvert
  • + Tree cutting
  • + Private land use planning

Our services are tailored to your needs.

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Why Choose Buck Excavation

Buck Excavation performs all types of work with extreme accuracy. We use the best technology to excavate without damaging anything. Also, we are committed to your satisfaction and to the success of each excavation project we undertake. Our ability to go the extra mile enables us to complete the work within the established time frames and always according to your needs.

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